Ria Bhatnagar

Illustrator | Designer based in the UK

I firmly believe in - 'You're not one thing, no-one is' so why limit ourselves and our dreams?

I'm Ria - Graphic Designer and Illustrator, Dancer, Creative Entrepreneur currently living in the UK.

Breathe in. Breathe outt is my brand of happiness and colour. Everything I put out here combines all my loves; travel, colour, flowers, fashion, photography and illustrations. Umm, then maybe some more stuff too. Why stop at one, right?

I'm originally from Delhi, India but lived in Amsterdam, Netherlands for almost two years before moving to the UK in end of 2019. 

Thankyou for dropping by here and supporting my work!

Portfolio : https://www.riabhatnagar.com/


Follow my journey on Instagram @breathein.breatheoutt